Do I really need an MC?

Not everyone is well-suited to standing up in front of the crowd and demanding attention. Some people naturally possess the ability to say “Hey, look at me!” and grab all eyes in the room. It’s something within their personality and aura that transforms the atmosphere into one where someone’s clearly in charge; welcome to what it means to be a great Master of Ceremonies.

For some though, having an MC who can carry the mic with confidence and dictate how the schedule will roll out, isn’t necessarily a high priority. Each event is different, all coming with their own direct needs and specific details. And one of those may be to have an MC on hand who can ensure all things stay on track; another might be to let the night unroll itself. Ultimately, the choice is up to you – the organiser.

But if you find yourself on the fence on whether employing a Master of Ceremonies is a must-do for your event, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeves to help you evaluate the situation.

Be it for your big day hitting the aisle and sharing your vows, or for a corporate event you’ve been gearing up for all year – here’s what a few factors to consider during your decision-making.

Is an MC necessary for your event?

Ask yourself the following questions and think carefully about the answers:

  • What kind of atmosphere are you aiming for? Are you aiming for a formal or informal environment, and will it be contemporary or traditional?
  • How many announcements will you need to make? There might be a number of times you need to demand the attention of the entire room. Note these planned ones down.
  • How big is the venue you’ve got on hand? Will your guests know how to find amenities, their seating arrangements and other areas?
  • How many guests are you likely to invite? You may be required to “shuffle” foot-traffic around the place if things get crowded, so who have you got in mind to tackle this challenge?

Who exactly can be an MC?

While there are trained professionals – like us – who are skilled in ensuring events go off without a hitch, there may be others around you that you feel are up to the task.

Here are a few suggestions of who may be able to take on the role:

  • A professional: If you’d rather leave the hard yards up to someone you can trust to get the job done, Gian Blundo is well-versed in all things MC. Making sure schedules are stuck to, guests are entertained, and unexpected hiccups are managed effectively, a professional MC is your safest bet.
  • Someone in the wedding party: be it a bridesmaid or groomsmen, there may be someone in your party who knows how to deal with a good crowd – and all in good fun. If they feel like a natural choice, then trust your gut.
  • A supplier: Some suppliers dealing with your wedding may also have MC services involved in their packages, so it always pays to ask the question. Your DJ might be able to handle the duties or your venue might have its own in-house MC already lined up.

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