Having years of experience as wedding master of ceremony, I have incorporated various skills, in which I often utilise throughout the course of the event.


These include:

Presenting insightful introductions.
Various microphone techniques to engage with the audience.
Providing applause cues.
Maintaining a formal posture and stance.
Alternative voice inflection techniques.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does an MC cost?
It will always depend on the individual’s experiences and also what they believe they are worth.
I have found that MC price can vary from $500 to $1200


Is an MC similar to an AFL coach?
Absolutely !!! A good MC will observe all the areas.
The forward line will be the photographer, videographer and the entertainment.
The backline consists of the venue, waiter and kitchen staff.
The centreline will be the Guests.
All these positions need to be in the right place at the right time.
The good MC will ensure that all the stars are aligned together for a seamless event.
Who makes a great MC ?
A good MC will have venue operations experience. They require patience and a good sense of humor.
Must be able to adapt to sudden changes in the event schedule.
It is an advantage when the MC has worked at the venue.
Is a family MC better than a professional MC ?
Professional MC on most occasions will execute a better job.
Most family MC’s are distracted as they know too many of the guests. Venue supervisors are constantly chasing the family MC, when they should be concentrating on their staff and the guests. The statistics on family MC’s are below:
10% brilliant.     Score A
20% OK.           Score B
30% average.   Score C
40% terrible.     Score D
I would prefer an “A” grade Professional MC. Are you prepared to toss the coin and see if your family MC is good?
Does an MC require experience or knowledge into the nationalities of the couple?
Understanding cultures is very important. It is this knowledge that can make a difference in the success of the wedding night.
e.g Italians love eating and must have a Tarantella bracket in the music. The Lebanese are very big on the Drum entrance and must have a large dance floor.
Greeks go crazy with their music. The Turks will stick to traditional Turkish music and tend to come late to the venue. Etc.