What will happen on the night

Gian will begin with relaxing the bride and groom and letting them know that they are in for a good night. He will then ensure that all parents and bridal party are in the bridal room. Gian will then inform the wedding band or DJ, wedding photographer and the wedding videographer that everyone is ready to proceed. Once all are in their position the wedding MC will welcome the guests.

Gian will then present or introduce the parents of the bride and groom, followed by the announcement of the bridal party. The guests will then be asked to stand up for the presentation of the new couple.  The bride and groom will advance forward to the wedding cake and cut the cake, followed by a toast to the couple. All guests are then seated and proceed to enjoy their entrée.

Gian will then introduce the newlyweds to the dance floor for their bridal dance.

Throughout the evening Gian will continually inform the guests of the schedule.

Gian is also responsible for liaising with the function coordinator of the wedding venue. He will introduce all speakers to complete their wedding speeches and facilitate the process of the wedding garter and the throwing of the wedding bouquet.

Gian will deal discreetly with any problems which may occur, without disrupting the atmosphere or disturbing the guests ensuring everything goes to plan runs smoothly.

Gian will conclude the night on time and on a positive note leaving everyone saying,

“Oh  – What a night  !!”