MC Services

The Master of Ceremonies is an important person that coordinates everything together so that the wedding reception runs smoothly. Planning the wedding has been stressful enough. Ensure that you will enjoy the day and get to spend enough time with your guests by handing over the reigns to Gian.  If in the unfortunate event things end up not going to plan during the course of your wedding day Gian will be the key point of communication between your function stuff, videographers, photographers and other important people so that you do not have to be interrupted for minor queries.

Gian guarantees that your day will run smoothly when you book him as your Master of Ceremonies.

As your Master of Ceremonies Gian will be responsible for:

  • Making sure the speeches run on time and don’t go over time.
  • Gathering everyone in the bridal party and coordinating your entrance to the room.
  • Announcing and welcoming yourselves and the bridal party into the room.
  • Ensuring photographer and videographer are on standby for all those key pivotal moments you know you want to be captured.
  • Attending to your every need. Literally. Do you need your mum? Gian will go and get her. Is there something wrong with your dress? Gian will find someone to fix it. (It’s happened before)
  • Making sure you feel calm and relaxed and that it really is the best night of your lives.

The Master of Ceremonies can make or break an event. A Master of Ceremonies should be someone with plenty of experience in the wedding and event industry and someone that you trust.

Gian has over 15 years experience running reception venues around Melbourne. Read more about Gian’s experience in the industry here. Gian will create a schedule for everything that needs to happen on the day and execute it perfectly. The schedule is planned differently for each couple. It all depends on your nationalities, religion, and family backgrounds. Attention to detail is always given to your specific customs and/or family traditions.

Having been in the wedding industry for over 15 years Gian is extremely knowledgable on most nationalities and religions.

A good master of ceremonies  will research the couple’s background and hone in on their characters. Gian is passionate about getting to know you personally in order to ensure the night is one both you and your guests will always remember.

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